How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Exterior House Painter?

When you’re looking to hire a house painter for your home’s exterior, expect to pay from $3000 to $4800 for a 2000 square foot house, including labor and supplies.

Cost will vary according to factors like:

  • Construction material of your home’s exterior
  • Condition of siding and amount of prep required
  • Additional features to be painted, like doors, shutters, etc.
  • Number of stories
  • Accessibility
  • Paint quality
  • Other requirements such as fungicidal or flame-resistant paint

Cost Breakdown

The cost to hire an exterior house painter comprises:

  • Labor — The contractor will not only prime and paint the outside of your home, but also take care of prep work, including power washing (low pressure only, please!) and window caulk touchup — and possibly scraping or power brushing. In addition, it might be necessary to repair or replace sections of rotten wood.
  • Supplies and Equipment — Choose a high quality, weather-resistant exterior paint so that your home will continue looking good longer. Usually supplies such as caulk, as well as equipment (drop cloths, ladder, etc.), are furnished by the painting contractor and included in the total painting cost.
  • Cleanup Cleanup is typically included in the job.
  • Estimate The initial estimate, which may include an onsite inspection, is often free.

Choose the Best Painter for the Job

For the best work, hire a painter who is licensed. And make sure he/she is bonded and insured, with up-to-date, adequate workmen’s compensation and liability insurance. There are (at least) two good arguments against hiring unlicensed house painters: 1) even if you sign a contract with them, it may be legally unenforceable, and 2) your homeowner’s insurance might not cover against accidents or theft.

Look for an established local painter or painting business. A journeyman painter is desirable, as someone who has completed a 3- or 4-year apprenticeship program.

Get the Most for Your Money

Calculate how much paint you will need and save money by buying it in 5-gallon drums instead of individual cans. Be careful not to overbuy, though.

Look online for home improvement store moving coupons and other promotional offers that can be applied to your paint purchase.

Strip your house right down to the bare siding if you have major cracking or flaking, then start afresh with latex paint. This is a sizable expense, but in the end, will save more money than trying to patch and repaint over a flawed surface.

Add enormous curb appeal by investing in a top quality paint job that makes your home stand out … in a good way.

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