Painting the interior walls of your home can dramatically change the look and also the overall feel of your home instantly. Transform your home ordinary walls into something really extraordinary and elegant with simple painting. This article will explain what paint you should ideally use on your home interior walls so that the color last longer and the home look elegant.

For your information, there are two types of walls and you must have either of them. They are:

  • Plaster walls or the wet set walls and
  • The plasterboard walls or the gyprock walls.

This article deals with the first category, the plaster walls. It is very important to get these walls right because one of the most common mistakes that the home owners do is they don’t seal their walls properly. If you are one such home owner, you must remember that not sealing the walls will save you some money but eventually the paint from the wall will fall off and will cost you more in the process.

Use a standard quality oil based binder and sealer for your interior walls to keep the paints in their places. This will also seal the moisture and other elements on the wall and give you a good surface for painting. Only use good quality paints for your home walls so that they do not get peeled after a while. Remember, walls get marked and damaged very quickly because furniture scrape against the walls and animals also lean against them. And when you have children at home, they usually treat the home walls as their blank canvas to show case their talent and creativity in art. So why not invest in a good paint which will take care of the walls on your behalf?

Primer for walls

primer for walls

If you want a lasting finish of paint on your home walls, prepare the walls with a coat or two of primer. It will add durability to your walls and also save you some precious painting time. Use tinting primer which will improve the color of the painting and also reduce the number of coats on the wall. It will prevent the stains and also stop the discoloration of the walls.

A standard coating system for the home interiors is usually the low shine acrylic paint which is also washable with some soapy water. This kind of low sheen acrylic paint is easy to apply and is also very user friendly. Use two coats of such paint and it will provide your home walls with durability that can be the envy of your neighbors.

Also do not forget to scrape the walls so that they are completely clean before applying the primer and the paint. You will be surprised to know how much dust can build up on your home walls over a short period of time. Take a thorough look at the out of the way corners and the areas that are hidden behind the heavy furniture because these areas are likely to be the den of cob webs.